Recession-proof Organisational Culture

What you'll learn from this webinar

Tactical ideas on how to activate a future-proof organisational culture

Challenging times demand unimaginable solutions. With a potential recession ahead, and simultaneously, talent war and retention challenges, the pressure on people's professionals is mounting.

In this webinar, we will discuss tactics to cultivate a resilient company culture that helps businesses not just survive but actually grow during recessions.

Culture as a key business strategy in crisis prevention

We’re not here to persuade you that company culture matters. You already get it.

However, while it seems intuitive that culture matters in so-to-say peaceful times, its role becomes even more critical in moments of crisis. Leading a company through times of unprecedented instability, like the ones we experience now is no job for the faint-hearted.

Is your business prepared?

Are you deploying all the strategic resources you have?

Join this webinar to learn why company culture is the key business strategy in crisis prevention. We'll discuss in what way culture as strategy can be used to overcome crisis and become part of your glorious leadership story.

It’s not for nothing that the Chinese pictograph for “crisis” is a combination of 2 symbols – danger and opportunity.


2:00 pm


Ania Hajdrowska - CultureCode

2:05 pm

KEYNOTE - Culture as a key business strategy in crisis prevention

Tamara Markova - Amsterdam Strategy and Culture School

Ania Hajdrowska - CultureCode

2:25 pm

PANEL - Practical approach to leveraging culture in times of economic and talent crisis

Annelien Decaestecker Sunday • Saskia Rademaker WeGrow

Lynn In Ok Schaefer homee & stromee • Gisele Feth CultureCode

2:45 pm